Now in use at the US OPEN!

  • Stick collapses to less than 27” from 42”. That’s shorter than most tennis racquets! Fits in a tennis racquet bag…or use the convenient tote bag! Now, singles sticks are truly portable!
  • Made with 6061 aluminum…strong, lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant!
  • Oval design minimizes surface area for stray hits! Custom base and tip designed to minimize damage to court surface and netting



  • Push button design allows quick and simple to extend and collapse singles stick!
  • Prominent “3 Feet” marking to ease placement of singles sticks…great center net check, too!
  • Comes with a handy nylon tote bag…easy to carry to the court, or just throw the bag into your tennis bag!


Custom base and tip designed to minimize damage to court surface and netting.


Tournament Players
College Coaches

Tennis Professional
You take the game seriously!
Practice like you play…with 
singles sticks every time. This 
lightweight, easy to use system
makes it simple to get your game
(and keep it) tournament tough!
Great for premier junior player(s).
Easy to set up...easy to store...easy to transport! One less hassle for you to worry about before a big match! Makes your program look even more professional!
For your club championships, when you host a tournament…or just for your advanced members when they request them, Stick-l-er Deluxe Singles Sticks are a must…because you are a stickler for playing by the rules!

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